Flash Company

Millbrook Library

"During the March 2018 Flash Company concert at the Millbrook Library, I looked around the room and saw that alll the people there had huge smiles on their faces.  Some children were dancing, adults were tapping their feet, and all were enjoying themselves immensely.  The Library was filled with beautiful music.  What a great moment.  Thank you, Flash Company!"    

-- Diana Bontecou, The Millbrook Library, Millbrook, NY 

Hyde Park Free Library

I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing Flash Company in a variety of venues.  Whether it's a more rowdy inn on Saint Paddy's Day weekend or a more subdued, intimate setting (such as our own here at the Hyde Park Library), they never fail to delight.  They are consummate musicians -- multi-instrumentalists and wonderful singers -- whose feel for Irish music is authentic and pure, regardless of the fact that only Flash Company guitarist Bryan Maloney, can trace his roots to the Auld Sod.  (It should be duly noted that bozouki/bodhran/banjoist Eric Garrison is, according to Ancestry.com, 13% Irish...but who knows?)  If, as they say, we're all Irish on Saint Patrick's Day, so, too, are we at any show at any time of year featuring this remarkable band, which also includes  John Allers on bass and Jim Pospisil on mandolin, guitar, and whistle.  We love hosting Flash Company at our venue and are so glad that it's become something of a tradition at the Library Annex.  Up Flash Company!  

(And I should know with a name like...)

Greg Callahan, Director

Hyde Park Library District

The Towne Crier

"I've known the members of Flash Company as musicians and songwriters for many years.  After their outstanding performance here at the Towne Crier on Saint Patrick's Day, I like them even more as a band now!"

                                                                                                -- Phil Ciganer

                                                                                                   The Towne Crier

                                                                                                    Beacon, New York

Mahoney's Irish Pub

"Mahoney's has Irish music on Sundays in the spring and summer, and Flash Company has been with us for a few years.  One of the best things about them is that they have a following.  When they play Mahoney's, they always bring in a lot of people.  That's important to us as a business.  And it doesn't hurt that they're fantastic musicians!  Looking forward to having them back next spring!"

Pat Rohan, General Manager

Mahoney's Irish Pub

Poughkeepsie, New York