We LOVE PorchFest!

Every fall, a wonderful group of folks from Rhinebeck, New York put on PorchFest - an amazing event that commandeers  many porches around this picture perfect small town for a day and turns them into stages where an amazingly diverse collection of performers holds  forth.  It was our pleasure to play PorchFest this past Saturday for the second year in a row, and we hope to be going back again in 2019.  If you come to PorchFest, be prepared to be  blown away by an amazing gathering of talent - this year, there were over 100 acts presented on many stages around town on a beautiful fall afternoon.  The boys from Flash Company were holding forth on a Chestnut Street porch from 2:30 to 3:30 this year.  While we were setting our equipment up, it was very gratifying to have some folks set up their lawn chairs and watch.  Since this is not usually a part of the gig that most folks want to watch, we had to ask - and it was lovely to find out that these folks had seen us at last year's PorchFest and had come looking for us this year so as not to miss our set.   That certainly set a great tone for the afternoon's music.  So next year around this time, if you're in the mid-Hudson Valley, make it a point to find the Rhinebeck PorchFest online (best to  look for it in early September, so  you don't miss out).  Then, on the appointed day, make your way to Rhinebeck for a truly wonderful day of music!!!!