A Day of Unwinding

Don't know where the time went, but here it is - the day after Saint Patrick's Day - and what a great weekend it was!  We hope you managed to come by one of the venues that we played over the weekend.  Our thanks to all of the Flashers who came to our shows and shared the merriment with us!  We started of the weekend in a great pub close to home, Juan Murphy's, located in Poughkeepsie, NY.  A wonderfully friendly staff and a lively crowd, combined with delicious food and drink, awaited all who joined us, and it was, indeed, a truly enjoyable evening for us.  A great way to get the party started!

     On Saturday night, we picked up the thread in a performance that benefited the Artists Collective of Hyde Park, an organization that has supported Flash Company from our very first gig three years ago.  So this third ACHP evening of Flash Company's music was attended by lots of friends of longstanding  (No, we didn't say "old" friends - that's too close for  comfort these days!), and it was great to catch up with folks.  A very special thanks to Liz, Marilyn, and Barb at the ACHP for their unwavering support of our music and of us!  We had a great time at this show, as we always do,  and hope that next year, we'll be doing the fourth annual ACHP St. Paddy's Day show.  Come and join us for that one!

     As the title of this blog suggests, today is, indeed, a day for winding down.  Last night (Sunday, 3/15), we had the wonderfully heady experience of playing at the esteemed Beacon, NY venue The Towne Crier.  And so it was that we had what every performing band dreams of:  pro lights, pro sound, a dressing room, a huge stage -- AND, we didn't have to carry anything but our instruments.  The Towne Crier has been a constant source of great music, gourmet  food, and fantastic libations in our area for many, many years.  The owner, Phil, is another friend of longstanding.... and for a couple of our members who have played the Crier in previous incarnations going way back into the Nineties and beyond, this was a homecoming in every sense of the word.  A special shout out to the house sound engineer, Nick, who did a fantastic job, and to the Towne Crier staff who took such good care  of us.  AND, to the very special audience that came out to share the music and the food and the drink and the laughs, our heartfelt gratitude for making this very special gig such an enjoyable experience for us all!  Very soon, we hope to have a video of the entire show up on our website and on YouTube,  thanks to our great friend,  Maureen!  So, if you missed this show, you can relive it with us any time you'd like!

     So, as always, we wish you a great year ahead.  March is our busiest month, but we're always ready,  willing, and able to bring the joy of this great music and culture to any occasion!  Nothing cools off a hot summer day  than some jigs and reels, and a couple of heartfelt ballads can warm the frostiest fall evening!  So if you're planning an occasion that needs a bit o' music, please do get in touch!  And visit us on our Facebook page.  Drop us a post and let us know you're there! 

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