Teaching an auld madra (old dog) new cleasanna (tricks)!

One of the great adjustments that any slightly aging shenanigator must face is dealing with the apparently endless demands of the technology that we live with.  And so it is that in taking on the duties of webmaster for the boys in Flash Company, I find myself wrangling with technology on a regular basis.... Kind of like an aging cowboy riding into town on an equally aged silver steed to save the community from the clutches of Bad Bart and Company, I saddle up my ancient laptop every so often to do battle with our website and keep the smiling mugs of my Flash Company bandmates front and center on the Internet.  And so it was that I today discovered that the email forwarding that I thought I had set up so that booking mail would go directly from the site to my own email account was not, in reality, happening at all.  So here I am, sheepishly answering a two-week-old email because I had neglected to check the site webmail.  Y'see, Officer, it was supposed to have landed in my personal email account like magic, BUT....

     So, if you send Flash Company an email inquiring about a booking (or just to say hi!), I promise from this moment forward to get you a timely reply.  I'm trying very hard to teach this auld madra some new cleasanna!

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