After a Lengthy Pause

     Well, the Fall has flown by, leaving fleeting memories of a long, warm summer.  For the members of Flash Company, it was a time of travel, recuperation, and a little bit of music.  We celebrated Eric's kidney transplant, to be sure, and took some time away from gigging for rest and recuperation.  We made a couple of appearances at the Poughkeepsie Waterfront Market've.  Playing music with friends for an appreciative crowd down by the waterside on a sunny summer afternoon?  Who could ask for more.  

      And now it's time to begin gearing up for the coming winter.   We've got a couple of very exciting things happening for Saint Patrick's Day 2024, but we've been sworn to secrecy until January, so the specifics will have to wait.  Suffice it to say, some good times will be coming up.  Appearances in some new venues and returns to some favorites are in the making as we advance in the booking process.  So stay tuned!  

New Beginnings 

November 8, 2021

Well, some light is appearing at the end of the Pandemic Tunnel, and we're all breathing just a little bit easier.  Venues are opening up, and though we're still having to get used to masks and social distancing, live music is beginning to be accessible again.  For us here at FlashCo Central, we're spending time right now doing some revamping on our website.  We're having some new pictures taken, doing some informal video stuff for the site, and revving up the booking process for 2022…

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Where did the Fall go? 

Here it is, late January, and we're all wondering where the fall disappeared to.  Anyway, we hope you had a great holiday season and are looking forward to an adventurous New Year.  We celebrated the Christmas holidays with our friends at the Hudson Valley Folk Guild as part of their annual holiday show.  We had a wonderful time seeing some old friends and enjoying among others, the music of a great Madrigal group from a local high school, dressed in festive costume and sounding simply amazing!

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Summer Update 

Many, many thanks to all who came to our show at the Towne Crier last Sunday!  We LOVE playing at the Crier.  Owner Phil Ciganer is an old friend who has supported great  music in the Hudson Valley for many years, and we're privileged to be standing on the Crier stage again.  Lots of friends, old and new, were at this show.  We had delegations from New Jersey and Rhode Island sitting down front, along with lots of friends from closer by who came to share a night of song, food, drink, and more song.  We had…

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Many Thanks! 

Many thanks to all of the folks who made our Saint Paddy's Day weekend such a great one!  To the management and all of the revelers who joined us at Juan Murphy's on Friday night, we had a great time,  and we very much appreciate the warm and energetic support that you all gave us.  And to the Artists Collective of Hyde Park (and especially  Marilyn, Liz, and Barbara) who hosted our third (or is it fourth?) annual Saint Paddy's Day Concert in Hyde Park, we owe you yet another debt of gratitude for…

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A Day of Unwinding 

Don't know where the time went, but here it is - the day after Saint Patrick's Day - and what a great weekend it was!  We hope you managed to come by one of the venues that we played over the weekend.  Our thanks to all of the Flashers who came to our shows and shared the merriment with us!  We started of the weekend in a great pub close to home, Juan Murphy's, located in Poughkeepsie, NY.  A wonderfully friendly staff and a lively crowd, combined with delicious food and drink, awaited all who joined us…

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We LOVE PorchFest! 

Every fall, a wonderful group of folks from Rhinebeck, New York put on PorchFest - an amazing event that commandeers  many porches around this picture perfect small town for a day and turns them into stages where an amazingly diverse collection of performers holds  forth.  It was our pleasure to play PorchFest this past Saturday for the second year in a row, and we hope to be going back again in 2019.  If you come to PorchFest, be prepared to be  blown away by an amazing gathering of talent - this year…

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St. Paddy's Day 2018 

Whoa!  Finally waking up from a very busy month of March.  The Flashers, as we've come to be somewhat affectionately known among a certain circle of our audience members - though without literal cause, we should add - had a very busy month of March, especially on St. Paddy's Day weekend this year.  We love it when THE DAY, itself, falls on a Saturday.  We got ourselves ready for the big event with appearances at Mahoney's in Poughkeepsie and the Millbrook Library in lovely Millbrook, NY.  (Special thanks…

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Eamon Goes In Search of Bodhran Enlightenment 

Recently, Flash Company's intrepid banjo/octave mandolin specialist embarked upon a journey to seek enlightenment regarding an instrument sacred to many (and, to be frank, reviled by some!) - the bodhran!  Seems that Eric, affectionately referred to among us as Eamon (among other, less printable sobriquets), feels that he has some spare time onstage, and since he was once upon a time the drummer for a pre-adolescent proto-punk band named Sinjunwood, it seems appropriate for him to be adding some percussion…

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The Great Porch Controversy 

Three-fourths of Flash Company enjoyed a great afternoon playing music for a good crowd at the Rhinebeck PorchFest in Rhinebeck, NY yesterday (9/24).  We drew the best porch in Rhinebeck, by far!  It was expansive - we  could have fit four or five more bands and still had room for Dancing John Allers to go through his moves.  Our host Kathleen was most gracious, and the crowd was friendly and helpful.  (Well, ya see, we had a little snafu on the first couple of songs....seems that we forgot to turn up the…

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Here is a tale of the castaways... 

Well, we made it!  Our Father's Day trip out to Bannerman's Island, out in the mighty Hudson River, went off without a hitch, and we had an absolutely wonderful time playing music out on the island to folks who were there for the three-hour tour.  Eric drove his trusty Honda Element, picking up each of the boys on the way down Route 9.  Delayed only by a necessary coffee-and-bagel stop (necessary to Bryan, anyway!), the band pulled into Cornwall, NY on time and ready to go.  The gig was "rain or shine," and…

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