Here is a tale of the castaways...

Well, we made it!  Our Father's Day trip out to Bannerman's Island, out in the mighty Hudson River, went off without a hitch, and we had an absolutely wonderful time playing music out on the island to folks who were there for the three-hour tour.  Eric drove his trusty Honda Element, picking up each of the boys on the way down Route 9.  Delayed only by a necessary coffee-and-bagel stop (necessary to Bryan, anyway!), the band pulled into Cornwall, NY on time and ready to go.  The gig was "rain or shine," and the weather forecast spoke of possible thunderstorms as we pulled into the dock in Cornwall-on-Hudson to catch the boat out to the island.  Seeing our anxiety about the impending voyage, our intrepid pilot, Jesse, assured us that though he was a young man, he was thoroughly experienced in the ways of the mighty and unpredictable river....and he also said that at the slightest hint of thunder, we'd be turning back.  A comforting thought, that!

     In the end, we had a thoroughly dry run out to the island in Jesse's noble nineteen-footer, and upon arrival, we were met by the most amazingly hospitable group of Bannerman's Island Trust volunteers that could be imagined.  The climb up to the entertainment area was invigorating, and all of the Flash Company boyos made  it to the top in good form, carrying a pared-down, ready for action collection of instruments.  Once there, we found a couple of platforms that we'd be using for a stage, and the good volunteers were very good-humored about moving it around for us - not once, but twice.  And so, we ended up sitting around a tree in a shaded picnic area with a gorgeous view downriver of Storm King Mountain.  The thunder clouds were there, to be sure, but the sun was shining on our little spot.  So, in good humor, we played a good share more than our original schedule called for, making sure to honor requests from the Bannerman volunteers.  Then, precisely at 2:15, our friend Jesse popped in to tell us that our chariot was awaiting for the return trip to the river's west bank.  Again, the assembled volunteers helped us carry our instruments down the many, many steps back to the dock.

     The return trip was a bit choppier with some spray, but the thunderstorms had vacated the valley for us and a splendid time was had by all.  Great thanks to our buddy Maura, who arranged the gig - and to the volunteers on Bannerman's Island who treated us so well.  And, lastly, to our intrepid pilot, Jesse, who put up with more pretend-nautical shenanigans than any person should have to.  We're  not naming names here, but  let's just say that the Flash Company blarney was  flying thick and fast as each member of the band contributed from a very limited fund of knowledge about life on the Water.  Amid cries of "Avast!" and "Batten down the hatches, boys!", Jesse brought us back to land and put our feet firmly back on Terra Firma.  Pictures will be posted as they become available.

     Then, there was the long ride home - but that's a story for another day!

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