New Beginnings

November 8, 2021

Well, some light is appearing at the end of the Pandemic Tunnel, and we're all breathing just a little bit easier.  Venues are opening up, and though we're still having to get used to masks and social distancing, live music is beginning to be accessible again.  For us here at FlashCo Central, we're spending time right now doing some revamping on our website.  We're having some new pictures taken, doing some informal video stuff for the site, and revving up the booking process for 2022.  Where we live, in New York's Hudson Valley, Irish music is not common, so our battle is two-fold: to find venues, many of which are only used to hiring Irish bands in the month of March, that will work for our kind of music, and, in some cases to convince presenters and bookers to take a listen to a genre of music that they know only through songs like "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" and "The Unicorn."  This is music that makes folks smile and tap their toes; it makes the timid sing along and the most unlikely folks begin to dance.  And so we're beginning to look toward the winter and next summer, and we're hoping to fill the air with jigs and reels and humorous songs about love lost, love gained, and, yes, the benefits of a Guinness or two!  Keep an eye on our calendar page as it begins to fill.  Come on out and join the fun!

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